I haven’t seen it listed as the patriot in a little while luminess airbrush, so maybe they just going by the model number as one, oh five a these were missing in action took me a while to get one for a little while maybe during the pandemic, they were having trouble getting about the company is from Illinois here in America airbrush compressor kit. Franklin park Illinois and which was odd but that was still having trouble getting one but they finally started showing up but I think it was a good thing that I waited because they changed something slightly on the brush, the reason why I’m checking this is because I have three friends who all use this brush I ask what they use and they say the one oh five in a couple of muse multiple, um.Multiple badger air brushes I told them ive been using Maya PS I two seventy and also my other trigger air brushed from a gsi crows.And I swear by this thing and the Japanese quality is just unsurpassed I I love it and but these guys have been using this for years and the guys who use these really do like them I just want to try it I know they have a nice big nozzle and a wide and a really strong pattern laying down a lot of pain at once, and that’s something I’ve been looking to do to prime a lot of models I might do a lot of priming at once to have models sitting there ready to go when, I go to put my paint, however let’s show you what we got here.Here’s the brush to get it, so the camera can show it up quite nice came with this cover.Now you’ll always see pictures of it.Like this I guess to show the cutout and when you clean the brush, you can.Fill it up and pull it back and just it flashes a lot thinner whatever you’re using to clean it out with flushes it through and cleans it out really well I switch it to here. Because my finger tends to drag.On this piece when it’s this way so it runs with my finger I always think I’m holding it back, so I end up flipping it this way, no big deal, either way whatever’s good for you, now it comes with a plastic top I usually don’t use the lids, but my buddies have both the metal tops and the plastic tops is a metal top that comes with most of the other brushes and they say this actually works better it actually seals it nicer.And the metal top sometimes it’s really hard to flick off and he says sometimes it actually creeps through this one they never had a problem I don’t use the cover that often so not a big deal for me, however.You guys have got to be careful of this the needle.Isn’t protected.Yep. Has no protective cap.Like the gsi or all my other ones actually see this little cap, it’s like not having this end cap.Where you get the needle.Exposed.It’s the same thing as that awesome guys do remove the needle protector when they paint because they do like to get close destruction, they do like to get close, and that is a way of getting close to and sometimes when you get close with the cap, the ear gets trapped inside and it messes up with the aligning.Where, when you remove the cap, you can get in close and the air doesn’t get trapped, it just gets out of its own way, so to speak, but I had to show you guys this it does not come with a protective camp, my friend says he thinks he has one and he thinks they make one so I’m going to I’m going to look into, if I.If I can actually find one but for now you guys have got to be careful particularly when you put in your hangar, if you’re gonna put away all the time put this cap, we’re also going to use this cap for cleaning it because normally you can cover up the front.Easier with the cap than not you don’t want to poke your hand at the very least but we’ll pop that on and I will do the back flush when we go to clean it, the cup doesn’t come off but they told me it’s really easy to clean and you don’t have to take it apart very often it said if you clean it right, my buddies and even says it in the book, if you clean it often properly at the end of all your sessions, you won’t have to take the Singapore for a very long time, I’d like to take my ipod every few months quarterly maybe throughout the year.And go through it a little bit but they’re right, if you have a clean mostly the needle is what ends up getting dirty may be a little bit in the chamber here and for that I end up using my little dental cleaners, but it has three needle sizes, this one came with I think.I believe the middle one, this is a point, five millimeter I guess the color will tell us that they didn’t have the other needles, I’m trying to find them, there’s a finer one I’m guessing if this is a five the other one’s gonna be a point three and the other one might be closer to a point seven, um I can’t imagine pushing more paint you’ll see in the test that this pushes on a lot of pain. All right now you have no stopper in the back by that, I mean my gsi, you can adjust your needle doesn’t go all the way back and you pull it all the way back.Almost stopped completely so you can set up a line but I don’t use it too often I usually leave it all the way open anyway you’re gonna use your own finger anyway to determine how far back you’re going.So there’s no stopper there.A keep in mind the brush was under eighty bucks a this one was about 120 so there is a price difference, now it has its own size fitting here for the hoes, this doesn’t fit your standard hose which is here, it just doesn’t fit, so I ended up buying this I’ll put the link below, it was cheap, maybe ten bucks with shipping.It’s a fitting here’s what’s confusing to a lot of people he says I wada wada hose, it’s a standard hose all the brushes have it, let me show you my own over it came with my two d. air compressor air compressor, and it’s it’s it’s a standard hose I don’t know why most of the fittings I looked up said I wad a hose, this is your standard hoses, one eighth is one of those guys one quarter one quarter and that’s it, so I mean it just came with this one piece.And from here, it’s got a fitting it’s got a rubber fitting inside.It just fits on perfect.Make you feel a fitting tightening right there and now you’re ready to go for me I use a quick release, here’s one of my quick release hubs here so we’ll put that on.I don’t feel it’s sinking in there there we go now we’re ready to go nice grip or two, you can hold on to it well there and that’s it I’m not going to tear it down, we’re just gonna check its performance and we’re gonna clean it and.I’m pretty impressed with the performance meaning it lays down a nice layer quickly, the setback is you can actually watch the paint, if you pull this baby all the way back, you can actually watch the paint, just go right through the cup which is sad, but if you get a big bottle of pain it won’t matter if you’re doing a whole model, even if you’re going to use one of your tester bottles just to paint a car you know you’re going to go through a bottle anyway, um.But I noticed it did go through not as a little subtle, you don’t pull back quite a bit, but I found the best performance was to really lay the paint down, now I’m sure the rest of the book is just precautions in different languages and this is your parts list, here is the updated piece, now I have a friend and someone wrote to me that they had leakage in the front here with a fitting that.Is where they put the new part manufacturers note a Pro production series now features a newly designed field changeable adjustable inner seal screw assembly.The part numbers here which is the inner seal and they give you the part numbers I matched up on there it turns out to be right here, so it is that part where he said it was leaking.And there it is, it’s a new teflon seal.And this assembly is in here I I pulled it apart to check it, and that is it so I’m wondering she turned the screw to tighten the seal counter clockwise, so anyway, this is the note and it says they stuck this sticker they could tell this was the old patriot this it show you it doesn’t refer to the patriot here, it just has one oh five.So I know this is the old manual, they just didn’t reprint them, but they did put this sticker manufacturers, don’t say if they stuck it over this other one.And it says see manufacturers know and this is the shiny card that was wrapped in here and that’s where it says they changed the fitting.For the better, I imagine my tests so far showed no leakage upfront where this is so maybe that’s for the better, and maybe that’s why they removed the patriot name because it’s a slightly different brush I guess anyway, I’m impressed, I’m impressed with the brush for the few tests that I did what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go through some stuff there’s some primers were not going to fit them I don’t think because I want to see how it pushes the paint through this is probably great for thicker critics because I I can’t imagine having a problem anymore with thick acrylics, this is probably made for Laos will put some vallejo in here and we’ll try a couple of lacquer’s on there try this, um.Aka third Gen, we’re gonna go straight out of the bottle, I’m going to try a lot of stuff straight out of the bottle but we’re gonna try a lacquer acrylic primer and tried on different surfaces a couple spoons I think we’re going to take the black primer, I’m going to show you guys we’re gonna do this old car body I have here I’m gonna go over and show you I’m gonna show you how quickly and how nicely it covers.A plastic of the models, alright guys, let me pump up some of this paint, I’ll meet you at the booth and wait to see this baby work, you’re gonna be impressed.Hey guys I’m at the booth and I’m prepping my pieces to paint and I want to show you guys something that I didn’t mention at the bench I am going to show you the ear pressure, look at me so I can zoom in.It’s fifteen PS I 1015.Is what it recommends and um. I’m impressed because that is all it needs any more than that you’ll probably be really really unloading the paint, anyway I want to show you that before I got to sit up at the booth to show you guys how impressive that is, it works on such a slow, I mean such a low air pressure.And you’ll see it now in the performance, so let me grab some paint and I’ll show you guys.Alright guys gonna talk a little louder, now we are at the booth with our do fans going wanna put some game error put straight in no thinning obviously.And, um, where, where am I at like fourteen or fifteen PS I do not pull this baby back, right.Watch this. This is.Fifteen PS I which tells me this will work very well.With a candy or you know the um.Accelerate in the cans.Because those don’t push out a lot of pressure.You know we’re done it’s covered.That’s how much air it pushes out a.Let’s see if we can get a fine line I don’t know if we can let’s try it.That’s not bad.Come on. I mean, it’s a really big needle guy, so I mean.I can’t go.It can’t be done, it’s not bad, there’s a lot of air coming through because even with low air pressure, it is a big needle and nozzle, it just is you know.But.Talk about covering.Quickly.This will do it.Just you guys can see how far back.Alright.You’re gonna go through pain I think it’s just one setback, but if you keep your hand controlled I didn’t pull it back a lot for the spoon.But, um I really do like this hair because it’s accomplishing something I’ve always wanted to do.A that is a lot of paint like a spray can, but not at that heaviness of a spray can.So, um, let me clean this up we’ll move on to another paint, I’ll show you what else this can do.My guys want to try some aka third Gen, this came out, really.Blobby thick, so I put a few drops.Of their thinner in it not much.I just put in a copy and put that black cap on it and back flushed it let’s see.In fact.Has done anything.Well, not too bad, seems like it’s struggling still but let’s try it.This stuff dries really nice too.Here you go, it’s on.It looks orange peel e. but trust me when it dries it dries nice. Those are my standard acrylics.Let’s move on to maybe a primer and will move on to a lacquer.Hey guys we’re gonna go in with some black primer from all clad straight out of the bottle shaken puttin the cap put the cap on because I put a lot in because this is going to use a lot of primer.Now, we just take this Chrysler imperial.I’ll show you what we got.Keep in mind guys, this is like thirteen or fourteen PS I.I do my best not to pull the needle all the way back. But I think if you don’t mind going through a boatload of paint.I’m.You can just pull that baby back and do it and probably two coats you know I’m going to let this dry for about five minutes hit with its second code I’ll do it off the camera and I’ll show you the results at the end but you get the idea here, um, so I’ll let this dry I’ll put another coat and come back with another test.And I’ll be right back. Yeah.Hey guys one a black primate to another, let’s go with star as this is their newer gloss black primer, just put this on the spoon and see we get straight out of the bottle, no thinning one of my favorite primers.A that I use but this is the first time trying the new gloss, black was hard to get for some reason anyway, let’s see we got senior pressure fifteen oh it covers nice. We are done look at that.It looks like glass.That’s a gloss black base not because I can use gloss black bases for everything, let’s do it again, so you get that initial blast right on there and it seems like you can just go in.And get the job done in two coats.I love it when they defended perfectly out of the bottle, you know ways to look at this.All this with fifteen PS I. I can really crank out my.Gloss black spoons here for Maya.Metal test won’t keep going, let’s do one more I should hit the car in this time I couldn’t Ice gloss Chrome, the whole car in some all clad anyway, I’ll go crazy with these boons, let me move on to a maybe a lacquer one other color and it will show you how it cleans up and I will wrap it up.Hey guys next up let’s try some tummy like green X fifteen finished with some lacquer.Let’s see we got.Try one of these pieces. Sheesh that’s a color guys.Wow that is a color.Puke green.Let’s see let’s try it on a piece like this.To get another crack I don’t want to blast it, we want to come in a little easy. More ladies I get the.Chewing the green I’m gonna get match the cover, so let’s speak of the jar comes in.Beautiful. Awesome.That’s without primer I usually like to have a white primer when I put stuff down like this, but um.Yeah for the test just to show you guys how the brush works, and it does work really well, all right I might do more on camera I might not but I’m gonna wrap this up I want to show you how I clean this out so, um. I’ll do that now.Alright guys here at the bench blow out anything you have I usually do at the booth, you know this is my cleaner jar, and that’s what we’re left with here so I like to use I use lacquer thinner.In acetone, when I clean out my um, my tummy, um, so I squirt some in there now I’d like to get these, um, these long.I’m.Cotton swabs and I like to go around the edge takes everything off the edge.Right now I’m I don’t like to a flush all this throw so under my bench I keep my barrel with my wrap paper towels and rags in it.And sometimes I use cat litter, there is the first blast already so I’m gonna go back in.I’m gonna put some more thinner in it. Right here we are we’re gonna clear it out in here in my little jar, you could see it blowing into some yellow already coming out now what you like to do is I do like to while I’m painting multiple colors I get these cheap brushes from hobby Lobby or Michael’s in my area and I just like to brush off the tip.See there’s.It cleans the tip right off.Glad to see there for you guys say nice and clean, and then you take your cap while you can cover it with your um.With your napkin, but you know paper towel but you’re gonna have to cover the top two because it blows us right off a nerve rocket so hold this on anyway, I’m holding it on, I’m going to cover it so it doesn’t splash.Here and now I’m flushing through.All the bad stuff now dump that out because you don’t want to flush the bad stuff back in the front should be clean because nothing came through and that’s it I wipe the cup clean wipe the outside trying to get the needle is exposed, you gotta be careful about that, and then what I like to do is either acetone or another shot up quick shot of dinner into a the paper towel that I’m working with and if you can shoot it, you can see it’s coming out clear that’s how you can tell your ready to go, you don’t have to blast all that stuff through to get the rest of it, you can throw it in here.And that’s it you’re ready to go you let someone through it will dry it out pretty quick and look how clean we are.And that’s it, alright a spray the bunch, so I think we’ll go back to the bench and we’ll go over the results.Hey guys here we are we’re going to wrap this up on this awesome a bit air brush results I think are great now we’ve started off with the game air and look at this how beautiful and smooth.It covered the spoon, what ten seconds.Alright, then I did this acrylic, this one had to be thinned a little bit with the company’s own thinner aka thinner I told you looked like you know sandpaper when I was done it looked like orange peel, but check it out now. I told you this stuff dries really nice in here is really good I haven’t done a full test sunday yet that’s coming up.But look at that.Isn’t that great.All right off camera I did this SMS acrylic lacquer ‘s.This covered I even think it covered faster than this was almost like one coat, it went on one coat and this stuff, this is mega durable, this stuff.Again, another test is a full test of these are coming up very soon. What is this midnight blue.Yep.Alright the chummy um, was this light green sf fifteen we painted on this piece with the lines in it here’s what the clip was.Nice and even.He has a gun piece like a leg looks like look at this it is molded in the color.Look at that.I left this spoof on just so I could hold it onto the clip I normally wouldn’t do that, and that awesome.Alright.And then we did the primer right, we did the primer of this car. This imperial I think it’s an imperial black primer micro filler from all clad straight out of the bottle, it looked all whitish and rough when I put it to the dehydrate or look at it now it’s perfect, if this stuff judges just fantastic, you know look at that.It took two cupfuls, but I was done doing this whole care and it had to be about four minutes I primed the whole thing.And this is just a much finer nicer primer than you would get out of most spray cans. And even I filled up the cup twice model Philip it’s like half half and half look at the size of this and this is under ten bucks so you’re getting your money’s worth on this primer for sure how great is that.You can really show how bad the molds are with AMT kits, you can seal the floors.Well, it makes the kit look good doesn’t it.That was that, and this is the latest from steiner as this is badger want to test the badge your product and I have these I have the other paints, let me see hold on a second.Yeah.Yeah I got these also from them, they make all acrylics, this is their freak flex, this is there I guess there’s monster they war hammer lineup. And these were nice too I was testing them but they’re so hard to find little in stock that I don’t want to test them and have you guys go nuts looking for them that’s why I’m holding off until I get a better supply, these I can get anywhere, this is their new gloss black.Black gloss, and I was looking for more glass black gloss black because I do so much of the Chrome testing, you guys know that a lot of Chrome tested a lot of the metal iser’s which need a black base particularly a glossary, and when I saw they had a big bottle of this around twelve bucks I gotta try it and there it is look at this guys.Look at this, this is straight out of the bottle into the cup and how many spoons did I spray. A one two three I can see five from here, so I shred a bunch with that little cup that I put in a little bit that I put in the cup.Look at the results.So it analyzes the um, the paint beautifully, and this is what I did off camera, this is model master.Pearl grape.Look at that.And this is thin, like I did in my other video testers I think it was lack of thinner fifty-fifty. Again, it just dried beautifully.So there you go, um, this is how it came took the I took the fittings off, I’m going to put in the description, if you want the air brush, you need this fitting if you’re gonna use your standard hose, if you guys have a badger hoes I guess you don’t need it I took this off just to show you guys.How it comes, but this turns it into a normal size I call it normal cause mostly brushes have this fitting shame on badger for doing that guys like like having their own sizes and fittings, you know a lot and there’s a cap comes shipped with that, be careful with the needle, I’m gonna recap, that again.There’s your needle.It’s sticking out so you wanna be careful with that, now I dragged a little bit when I got it I felt a little drag, it’s not the highest quality, this isn’t this isn’t the quality of my Japanese one for sure but badgers I’ve had this for about a year badger sells this red dab which is badger spelt backwards, needle juice. Say that was it five times six times, um Bill just three times Airbus lubricate so you take a.Toothpick and I just dabbed something here wherever, wherever there’s moving parts and now it don’t even make the metal sound anymore because I’m making a draggy metal sound when I got it now it doesn’t now the other good thing about this exposed design is I can clean the needle but I’ll have to pull everything out so just.Loosen your Knot here it’s got a nice hole handle here and there you go, there’s your needle I think the other needles are color coded while they have a notch that matches see the notch so I’m not sure which system they use I’m gonna order some more needles and some nozzles and to see the different results what else I want to tell you guys when you pull the needle out, make sure you’re not going to this is going to come flying out you don’t have to reassemble this.You know, I’ve already practiced it and it’s not that hard, but you eat cheeses and you get your glasses on and get these old pieces put back in just like my other one it’s no different, so you’re gonna match this into here keep the needle pushed down a little bit, I mean the trigger, that’s it push as far as she goes.You’re tightening here.You’re ready to go again, you’re gonna have to be careful with the font, I’ll look into if there’s a protective cap, um, if there isn’t then you guys just have to be careful.You know, and when you put away put away like this I mentioned I like it like this, so it doesn’t drag my finger and that’s it I really like to have A I think it was only seventy bucks again, my other ones about a buck twenty buck thirty so you get 36, you know I mean it’s sixty dollars difference which is a lot you can almost buy two of these you know if you think about it and but you will need this if you have a hose that I use I’ll put a link for spray gun for this and I’ll put a link for Amazon Amazon has tools and they have this one by itself, and they have it with their toes and a couple other a jar, some other things thrown in but maybe if you guys want the hose it’s probably made for them that hose, it comes with but um I have all my hoses here, so it was worth it for me just to buy this, you know I got this came from Amazon by the way so I will put the link up well everything I even put the link up for the.For the lubricant and a trying to link up for most of the paints that I use particularly this stunner as look how great that is, I mean that is wonderful, oh my god that’s great but that’s a guys that was a test I really like the air brush, you’re not gonna do any fine details you’re gonna be spraying, you know white patterns but it’s gonna come out smooth and perfect every time I Iran test across the board all week like this and I had zero troubles zero troubles a lengthwise, I mean I should say, um, how long you’re gonna last who knows I just got the thing, um.I’ll test it again in a year as far as I’ll go over its lasted if it breaks sooner than that I will of course, let you guys know, but if you take care of it and clean it like I showed you, you probably you shouldn’t have a problem for quite a bit I use these to you guys know you got these dental things from Walmart, can you see them and when you pull the needle out, and you do a thorough cleaning you going here with this it fits right into the hole.Either side and it pulls out a lot of stuff that sticks to the dental so, um, these things are awesome, they’re a gums or gum with pears, yeah something like that, so I get those at Walmart and they come in handy really, really come in handy and anyway that’s it, guys I got a lot of more tests coming up like I said I’m gonna do this sharpen air test, that’s gonna sharpen the needles I got a couple of needles, I’ll need sharpening so I’ve been waiting to get this want to test this to keep our needles a fit and trim will call it a I’m trying to salvation show you I’m gonna be doing a test of empty paint markers, there’s mottos right and what brand is, this got two brands here of markers and you fill them up, we unscrew it and put our own pain it they pick up those bearing shakers in them I got all different sizes and so this test is going to be coming up say it paint marker.We’re gonna make our own paint markers, so I hope this works, that’s why I’m going to try the test and I think it’s going to have to be acrylic paints, but we have plenty of paint to test that’s for sure, and that’s all I got a few other things that go over we’re gonna do our gauzy shine enhancer I just got that in and pretty soon maybe the next test I I got these decals driving with this wealth is solvent, and so far.Good stuff, real good stuff so and these just came in to me a engraving blades, so we’ll be doing a test on those two because I’m gonna be doing a test on some panel lining liquids that are not made by to me a say so I got this, um.